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10 JUN 2019 – Legislation Update
No dog breeder in the UK may breed 3 litters or more a year unless they have a current Council Breeding License permitting them to do so. However even if a single litter has all of its puppies advertised and sold then the breeder is deemed to be in the ‘business of breeding’ and should legally obtain a license from their local council. 
07 May 2015 – Get 15% off online tickets by quoting LONDON15 and join us at the London Pet Show this weekend. We will be on Stand DB31, please come and say Hello, we’d love to see you.
03 Jan 2014North East walk report added.
14 Nov 2013 – The list grows for health tested Approved Stud Dogs
22 Oct 2013 – A few December group walks have been added to the Group Walks section in the News & Networking area of the website. Get ready to wrap up warm and remember to take a flask and some mince pies! To see all the group walks that are being planned drop into CCGB chat just here
09 Sep 2013 – September and October group walk details added here
31 Jul 2013 – Gemma Harris has been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
22 July 2013 – More group walk reports and some great photos have been added here
19 Jul 2013 – New webpage What To Expect From An Approved Breeder including feedback form.
19 Jul 2013 – Group ‘glamping’ holidays are now being organised by Kirsty for April and October 2014 giving you plenty of time to get the dates in your diary. Visit the Group Holidays page in News & Networking section for details.
10 Jul 2013 – July meets are now listed here if you want to come along.
07 Jul 2013 – Team Cockapoo e-shop is launched and selling CCGB Merchandise here
06 Jul 2013 – Just Dogz have been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
27 May 2013 – Another great cockapoo blog. Follow Ruby and Pepper on their agility and camper van adventures here
25 May 2013 – We have 7 CCGB meets organised during June. Take a look here to see if there’s one near you.
19 May 2013 – Another cockapoo blog, Miss Darcey’s Adventures, has been added to the networking page. Blogs are great for potential owners who want to see what it is like living with cockapoos day to day.
08 Apr 2013 – The Approved Breeder status of Tinyshires has been revoked and they are no longer CCGB Approved Breeders.
19 Mar 2013 – Jays Doodles, Tinyshires and Frances Finlayson have been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
17 Mar 2013 – ‘POO PARADE for all comers has been added to the ‘Games events – details of The Cockapoo Games 2013 here
04 Mar 2013 – Let The Games Begin – on-line entries now being taken here
06 Feb 2013 – Let The Games Begin – details of The Cockapoo Games 2013 here
09 Jan 2013 – The Cockapoo Meets page is starting to take shape and more walks are being planned.
17 Dec 2012 – Keep checking the link here for details of The Cockapoo Games 2013 as they are released.
17 Dec 2012 – The December edition of the ‘Poos News has been added to the Newletters page
06 Dec 2012 – Sharon & Paul Collins have been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
03 Dec 2012 – New research outlines the sense behind why ‘Meeting Mum’ is so important when choosing a puppy here. Go to bottom of the page.
30 Nov 2012 – Catch up on recent CCGB group walk reports and photos here
16 Nov 2012 – More cockapoo blogs have been added here. If you have a blog you would like added please email details to news@cockapooclubgb.co.uk.
14 Nov 2012 – Annettes Labradoodles has been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
12 Nov 2012 – Check out some of the Success Stories by our Cockapoo Rescue, Rehoming and Respite Care team here
06 Nov 2012 – Eileen Jackson has been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
03 Nov 2012 – Meet some of our members ‘Poos here
28 Oct 2012 – A new walk group has been organised in Hampshire. Look at the first meeting report here
25 Oct 2012 – Sandra Keevill-Woodford has been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
22 Oct 2012 – Johanna Warden has been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
11 Oct 2012 – Revised Mandatory Health Testing Directive here and here
10 Oct 2012 – CCGB mentioned in the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation Annual Review here
29 Sep 2012 – A full report and loads of fantastic photos from The Cockapoo Games 2012 is available here
27 Sep 2012 – Read about a members experience of Seasonal Canine Illness here
25 Sep 2012 – The CCGB partners with the newly formed Doodle Agility League. More information and a link to the league is here
30 Aug 2012 – The CCGB has ‘adopted’ Woodland Waters in Lincolnshire as it’s ‘home’ for National and other events. Find out more  here
26 Aug 2012 – CCGB August Newsletter link added. To see past issues of The CCGB newsletters ‘Poo News click here
26 Aug 2012 – West Midlands, Clent Hills meeting report here
21 Aug 2012 – Pankington has been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
14 Aug 2012 – Ali Haynes and Pippa McGuire have been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
31 July 2012 – July CCGB meet reports added in the News & Networking section
30 Jul 2012 – CCGB ‘poos Triumph at Bark in the Park – report here
25 Jul 2012 – TICKETS ON SALE NOW. CCGB Members are aiming to raise £2000 for Hounds For Heroes. Win a 4* Dog-friendly ‘Lakelovers’ holiday!
17 Jul 2012 – Margaret Bridgman has been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
6 Jul 2012 – Preparation is now well underway for the Cockapoo Games 2012 in Lincolnshire during September. If you want to come along on Saturday 15th September to see these wonderful dogs doing agility, obedience, relays and tricks take a look at the Organised Events page for details.
4 Jul 2012 – July, August and September group meets details now available on Groups Walks and Meetings page
3 Jul 2012 – CCGB Members are aiming to raise £2000 for Hounds For Heroes. Win a 4* Dog-friendly ‘Lakelovers’ holiday!
3 Jul 2012 – Take a look at our new Group Walk Reports section to see reports and photos from some of our CCGB group walks.
26 Jun 2012 – Sophie Wright has been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
2 Jun 2012 – The latest edition of ‘Poo News has been emailed to all members.  If you have not received your copy, let us know.  All newsletters can also be found on the Cockapoo Newsletters page
30 May 2012 – Cockapoo Puppy Buying Checklist available to download here
30 May 2012 – Details for June/July meetings have been added to the Group Walks section.
29 May 2012 – West London Cockapoos has been added to the list of Approved Cockapoo Breeders
23 May 2012 – With summer approaching, members Colin and Maureen have reviewed products in the review section to help you keep your dog(s) cool when out and about during those hot summer days we are all hoping for.
13 May 2012 – If you are just getting started on your search for a puppy find out what first steps to take to help you decide which breeders to visit Starting your search – First things first
12 May 2012 – BARF on a budget article added in the feeding section here
29 Apr 2012 – There are 5 cockapoo group walks organised during May in Surrey, Essex, Northants, Scotland and Lancashire. To see all the details take a look here
23 Apr 2012 –  Cockapoo Registration Criteria has been clarified and the rules posted here
18 Apr 2012 –  Members enjoyed a sunny walk at Sale Water Park on Sunday 15th April. See a meeting report and pictures by Kirsty at Members Stories & Info
03 Apr 2012 – April Newsletter issued to all members via email. If you would like to see back issues of CCGB newsletter click here
02 Apr 2012 – Groups walks have been arranged for April and May. Click here for details and links to the organisers to let them know if you are coming along.
30 Mar 2012 – Our Approved Breeder list goes live. Click here to view.
21 Mar 2012 – Our Stud Dog Scheme is now active, and with the first Approved Stud Member and Approved Breeder Member’s on board  you can now click here to see the first stud dogs on the list.
16 Mar 2012 – ‘Dog Breed Health’ website contacted us for assistance in adding a new page just for Cockapoo – click the here to view
6 Mar 2012 – If you want to catch up on back issues of the CCGB monthly newsletter go to Newsletter section of the Members Pages by clicking  here. You’ll need to be a member to access the members Pages – to join CCGB click here
5 Mar 2012 – Review added for Aeolus Blaster/Dryer in Member’s Reviews section here
4 Mar 2012 – Report and photos for the Surrey meet on Sunday 4 March added here
3 Mar 2012 – The Cockapoo Club of GB launches it’s newsletter with the first issued emailed to all CCGB members. If you would like to become a member and receive the monthly newsletter join CCGB by clicking here
2 Mar 2012 – More before and after (puppy to adult) pictures have been added to the gallery. Take a look here
25 Feb 2012 – Cockapoos Are… Extracts from Cockapoo Club Chat, a picture dictionary of how Owner Members describe their Cockapoos.
24 Feb 2012 – What are your Cockapoo’s basic needs? EMRA explained
24 Feb 2012 – We love to hear all about you and your dog(s) so please email your story, with a couple of photos if possible, to news@cockapooclubgb.co.uk
22 Feb 2012 – Need advice and support on aspects of training your cockapoo(s)? If you join CCGB chat you can post questions on our Tips from the Clubhouse thread and we will do our best to help. For a taster take a look at here. To join chat so you can ‘ask an expert’ click here to join.
18 Feb 2012 – If you want to know all about dad to day life with cockapoos following owners blogs can give you a great insight and lots of information. We now have links to members blogs in the Cockapoo Networking section. If you are a member and have a cockapoo related blog email the URL to news@cockapooclubgb.co.uk and we can add a link to your blog.
15 Feb 2012 – Lots of members stories about their cockapoos have been added to the Members Stories and Information section. Want to become a member? Click here
25 Jan 2012 – Follow a series of training articles over the coming weeks of Agility Obstacle Training Step-by-Step
14 Jan 2012 – The winner of the Christmas Caption Competition is announced – see Cockapoo News to read the winning caption!
10 Jan 2012 – See the results of our Christmas Caption Competition here
8 Dec 2011 –  The Cockapoo Club Chat forum is launched. We look forward to chatting with our members about all things Cockapoo.
18 Dec 2011 – Follow the progress of Freddie the cockapoo’s adventures in the world of dog agility by visiting Freddie’s Agility Blog from the Networking page. A great blog whether you are new to agility or are more experienced and want ideas to fine tune your agility skills.
17 Dec 2011 – CCGB Inspectors Vacancies, apply now for posts in specific geographic areas via the Application Form
17 Dec 2011 – Are you struggling to keep your cockapoo’s coat clean and dry on wet, muddy walks? Take a look at the latest review of Hurtta Pro Waterproof Overalls by Tracey in the General Equipment review section.
11 Dec 2011 – Masterclass in how to train the Send Away added
4 Dec 2011 – Members braved rain, hail and lashings of mud at a cockapoo group walk on Sunday 4th December. See a full report and pictures at Members Stories & Info