Where to Search

The Cockapoo Club of GB is planning to develop a list of CCGB Approved Breeders. All Inspectors attended a training day at Wood Green Animal Shelter in January 2012 and inspections will begin in the spring of this year.  All breeder members will have been CCGB Inspected to ensure that a good level of animal welfare is being achieved in the husbandry and housing of all their dogs, and they abide by the mandatory health tests and CCGB Code of Ethics.  They care for the health and welfare of their breeding dogs, which will hopefully result in good quality puppies with great temperaments which are less likely to develop health problems.

No dog breeder in the UK may breed 3 litters or more a year unless they have a current Council Breeding License permitting them to do so. However even if a single litter has all of its puppies advertised and sold then the breeder is deemed to be in the ‘business of breeding’ and should legally obtain a license from their local council. 

Another excellent way to find a breeder is to talk to Cockapoo owners and get a recommendation.  If you see a puppy or dog that you like, ask the owner which breeder they are from.  Members of the Cockapoo Club are offered access to the Cockapoo Club Chat  discussion pages and this is a great way in which to find out more from other Cockapoo owners or prospective owners.  You may also decide to come along to one of the Organised Events or Group Walks.   

Health Testing

The genetic disorder, prcd-PRA , causes cells in the retina at the back of the eye to degenerate and die, even though the cells seem to develop normally early in life. Having one parent DNA tested clear will ensure your puppy will not go blind………There are a number of other conditions that can be tested…… 

RSPCA’s helpful guide to buying a puppy

A lot of good breeders won’t need to advertise their puppies that frequently as they often sell on recommendations and word of mouth.  However, for a list of breeders you can try online sites such as Breeders Online and you can check for online adverts on sites such as Epupz and Pets4homes.  Check the advert carefully and always be aware that “puppy farms” and “backyard breeders” (breeders solely in it for the money who don’t care for the welfare or health of their breeding dogs or puppies) can easily place adverts pretending to be something that they are not.  It is also not advisable to buy a puppy from a Pet Shop as the source of the puppy cannot be verified easily and therefore they may originate from a puppy farm.  They may not even be a Cockapoo!  Another thing to look out for is the cost of a puppy.  If the puppy is a lot cheaper than the market average then there is usually a good reason for this. Likewise, there is often no need to pay well over the odds for a puppy.  It’s a case of buyer beware.