Cockapoo Rescue GB Rehoming and Rehabilitation

Sadly as the population of Cockapoos had grown rapidly over the last couple of years in the UK there are some circumstances which arise which make it necessary to rehome a Cockapoo.

There are many reasons why buying a puppy, for a particular person, may not have the positive outcome that most people experience. Sadly some people get a puppy without realising how much time and effort they require and so then re-sell the puppy.  This is often why most of the dogs you find on the internet that are advertised for sale (not by breeders) are between 9 and 20 weeks old.

Ordinarily your breeder should be your first point of contact should rehoming be needed. All reputable breeders will offer a lifetime of help and support for a dog they have bred and should ask that the dog be returned to them should any problems arise at any point. Please make sure your first contact is with your breeder so you can make them aware of your situation and give them the opportunity to help you.

Sometimes, however we understand that this is not possible, so we are currently working on an area in the Rehome and Rehabilitation section where you can display your details for families that are looking to home a cockapoo to see then.

I am afraid, we are not currently taking any dogs into our care.

If you more information on the new  rehoming page for your Cockapoo, then please click this link and fill out the form.