Group Walks and Meetings

Typically, Cockapoos are very friendly and social and love to meet and mingle with other dogs and people. Social dogs usually means social owners too!

There have been a number of successful gatherings of Cockapoo owners and their dogs at various locations around the country, some small scale and some quite large. At one Surrey meet there were thirty plus Cockapoos in one place, a sight to behold! These meetings and group walks are a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people who share a passion for these wonderful dogs and a chance to meet all the different varieties of Cockapoo. As a prospective buyer of a new puppy it’s a great way to see the range of Cockapoos, in the fur so to speak, and to view them at different ages so you can get a rough idea of what a puppy might grow into!

These informal gatherings are usually a casual walk (sometimes with a picnic, season permitting) in a place with plenty of space for the dogs to run around off lead. A fun day out for all the family!

Cockapoo Meetings Schedule

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Important Note – If you wish to join any of the group walks it’s a good idea to post on the relevant thread on Chat to say that you are coming. Sometimes the arrangements are changed at the last minute and final arrangements will usually be posted on the relevant chat thread by the organiser.

Please note: Participation in group walks is at your own risk. The CCGB and the group walk organiser(s) is (are) not liable for any situations, accidents or injuries that might occur at the group meeting. By joining the walk you are accepting the CCGB or organiser(s) will not be liable for any claims for injury or illness. Likewise the CCGB or organisers(s) will not be liable for any claims where responsibility is that of the person(s) and their dog(s) joining the group walk.