Cockapoo Coat Colour Gallery

On this page we are looking to complete the whole set of pictures to show all of the colour possibilities in the Cockapoo coat. We would welcome additional pictures from CCGB Members, please go to the Photo Submission Form page.


Red Puppy

Red Adult


Blonde Puppy

Blonde Adult

Dilute Variants of Blonde

Cream Puppy


Chocolate Puppy

Chocolate Adult

Dilute Variants of Chocolate

Silver Beige Adult

Chocolate Sable Puppy


Black Puppy

Black Adult

Dilute Variants Of Black

Silver Adult

Coat Markings


Black Tuxedo Puppy

Chocolate Tuxedo Puppy

Black Tuxedo Adult

Chocolate Tuxedo Adult

… and White

Red and White puppy

Parti – more than 50% white

Black and White Parti Puppy

Blonde and White Parti Puppy

Chocolate and White Parti Puppy

Red Sable and White Parti Puppy

Black and White Parti Adult

Blonde and White Parti Adult

Chocolate and White Parti Adult


Chocolate Sable Puppy

Red Sable Puppy

Chocolate Sable Adult


Tan (Phantom)

Chocolate and Tan Puppy

Chocolate and Tan Adult


Chocolate Roan Puppy

Blonde Roan Puppy

Blue Roan Puppy

Chocolate Roan Adult

Blue Roan Adolescent


Blue Merle Puppy

Red Merle Puppy

Ticking (Spots)

Black and White Parti Puppy with Ticking

Chocolate and White Parti Puppy with Ticking


Black and Tan Tricolour Puppy

Black and Tan Tricolour Adult

Pigment and eye colour

Blonde and White Parti puppies from the same litter one with black nose and brown eyes and the other with liver nose and green/hazel eyes