Our Aims

The Cockapoo Club of GB has been formed by a group of owners, breeders and enthusiasts who wish to promote the health and welfare of the growing number of Cockapoos being bred in Great Britain in recent years. With cute appearance and sweet, biddable, cheeky and loving characters there is an ever increasing number of breeders getting involved. Our objective is to inform and educate as to the best way to produce, care for and have fun with this appealing cross-breed. We wish to aid the networking and friendship of those with this common love.

As the population increases and in time more Cockapoos are bred to other Cockapoos, we aim to keep a register of parentage, together with the relevant health tests, by means of registration.  This will allow breeders to make educated decisions on which pairings will produce puppies free from hereditary disease, deformity and in-breeding, and will provide buyers with invaluable information when researching which puppy / dog to purchase.

Cockapoo Puppy