Cockapoo Networking

Social networking online is a great way to find Cockapoo information and other owners and breeders with shared interests. This page contains links to members’ blogs.

Cockapoo Capers

Follow Ruby and Pepper on their agility and campervan adventures

Miss Darcy’s Adventures

The Extraordinary Life of a London Dog

Embee’s cockapoos

Follow Flo, Remy and Dora through blog posts, a picture gallery and movies here

Saffi’s blog

Follow Saffi the cockapoo here

Jukee Doodles

Jukee Doodles Cockapoo blog with a great puppy gallery and pictures of Cockapoos as puppies and adults here

Oodles of Dylan Antics

Follow Dylan’s agilty, canoeing and other adventures here

Freddie’s agility blog

Follow the progress of Freddie the cockapoo’s adventures in the world of dog agility here


Follow Scooby’s blog as he joins the Harris family and becomes a very special assistance dog to their son Josh here

Jessie the Cockapoo

Follow Jessie the Cockapoo here

It’s a Cockapoo Life

Read all about the adventures of Rufus and Basil here

Luna’s blog

Follow Luna’s blog – the “Too orangey for crows” blog here

The networking information is here to facilitate the exchange of information. Although blogs have been broadly approved, the CCGB takes no responsibilty for the information or content it contains. If you follow a link and feel the contents are not correct or appropriate please report the link to who reserve the right to remove the link.